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Congratulations again to Phobos-Grunt for being the first team to save Perry & Lergey; and to In Space, No One Can Hear You Moo, Co-ed Astronomy, Wrong Ideas That Appeal To You, and Second Breakfast for all also completing everything in the event.

Org Chart Heatmap over time

Sat 9am

Sat 10am

Sat 11am

Sat noon

Sat 1pm

Sat 2pm

Sat 3pm

Sat 4pm

Sat 5pm

Sat 6pm

Sat 7pm

Sat 8pm

Sat 9pm

Sat 10pm

Sat 11pm

Sat midnight

Sun 1am

Sun 2am

Sun 3am

Sun 4am

Sun 5am

Sun 6am

Sun 7am

Sun 8am

Sun 9am

Sun 10am

Sun 11am

Sun noon

Sun 1pm

Sun 2pm

Sun 3pm

Sun 4pm

Sun 5pm